Who is the Awareness Wheel for?

Learn to InnerAct with the AwarenessWheel at home, work and elsewhere.

Use your Inner Information to:

  • Move subjective experience into new personal clarity

  • Change ReActive behaviors

  • Reduce chronic stress, worry and anxiety

  • Expand self-control and confidence in important choices

  • Improve mental health, relationships and productivity

Use Practical Resources to:

  • Learn the basics of Mapping-Issues in Workbook I
  • Expand your skills in Workbook II’s Special Applications
  • Carry the Wheel with you everywhere in your mindʼs eye
  • Expand self-in-situation-awareness using the InnerAction NotePad
  • Get your body-learning involved by processing issues stepping around the Floor SkillsMat

Over 1,500,000 individuals around the world have used the Awareness Wheel to engage lifeʼs important challenges and opportunities.


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Take charge of your life

The Awareness Wheel gives you a reliable map for understanding and managing your inner-outer world with skill and purpose. Think of the Wheel as a practical tool for InnerAction. It helps you reflect on and respond to important life moments at home, work and elsewhere. As a map, it guides you in building better self-in-situation awareness, to see where you are and decide where you want to go.

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Save money and paper - take the Awareness Wheel tools with you everywhere you go with The Awareness Wheel e-book. E-book available for Awareness Wheel Workbooks I and II. 


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